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About Us

Our company is one of the bedding industry's true pioneers. We introduced a 10% thicker watermattress in 1983. In those days, watermattresses were being built by questionable sources. Responsible retailers needed a reliable vendor whose products commanded strong consumer appeal.

Exceeding domestic and international requirements for superior bedding has always been United States Watermattress policy. Today, our company has evolved into one of America's most enduring suppliers, shipping from its modern factory just north of the nation's capital, Washington, D.C.

Marketing & Customers

Each day, trucks and cargo ships transport a rich variety of U.S. Watermatresses and the company's exclusive imported line of mattresses to achieve price points necessary to compete
in the world's retail marketplaces.

Our company markets its products through multiple business channels, including our direct sales team, selected retailers, distributors, resellers, and OEMs. During the 1990's we broadened our direct and indirect sales presence worldwide.

With our company well into its fourth decade, thousands of well-rested consumers around the world are awaking on a United States Watermattress. Each consumer is ready to meet this exciting new century better rested and more refreshed than at any time in history.

Products & Services

Take a look at our website. We emphasize luxury, practicality, and clear benefits to your customers. We also provide the 'look' and point-of-purchase materials to set you apart from the sea of indistinguishable names and mattresses being offered today. Each United States Watermattress is made with old-fashioned American know-how. Our imported lines enable us to private label exclusively for your stores as well.